Meet the Board of Directors 

Dave Hope


Dave is a natural building advocate, certified carpenter and certified energy advisor. He has been involved in natural building in Southern Ontario since 2010. Exploring the world and building techniques is a passion of his that has taken him to Costa Rica, Texas, and Haiti, to learn and discover methods and processes within the natural building realm. Travel also allows him to exercise a dusty Bachelor of Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo. Outside of construction he enjoys the natural world, culture, music, food, craft beers, and target shooting.

Tim Krahn


Partner, Building Alternatives Inc.

Tim Krahn is a professional engineer and partner in Building Alternatives Inc. He holds a Masters degree in geotechnical engineering and a Bachelors degree in civil engineering from the University of Manitoba. He has hands-on experience in residential and commercial construction and holds a certificate in carpentry and wood working from Red River College. Tim is also a LEED AP, an active member of the Timber Frame Guild's Timber Frame Engineering Council, and a member of the Natural Buildings Engineering Group.


Tim and his partner Dalila have lived in southeastern Ontario since 2010, moving from Manitoba to take care of her family's property and help to return the land to a managed hardwood forest. While in Winnipeg, Tim was active in the inner city housing community as well as at the University of Manitoba, where he was a sessional and technical instructor in the architecture and engineering faculties. Tim also spent two years as the coordinator of the Alternative Village at the University of Manitoba, which was founded by Building Alternatives principal, Dr. Kris Dick. His research interests include earthen construction, energy and material efficiency and sustainability in the built environment.


Tim is currently the engineering manager of Building Alternatives, which is a consulting engineering company licensed in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and the North West Territories & Nunavut. They specialize in non-conventional structural and building envelope engineering at the residential scale, with an emphasis on low embodied energy materials and energy efficiency.

Jen Feigin

Director, Endeavour Centre
Jen Feigin is a designer, natural builder and DIY maniac based in Peterborough, Ontario.

Jen has been on the natural building scene since 2005. In that time she has developed a deep knowledge for all aspects of sustainable building and design. She has worked on and designed projects ranging from composting outhouses to residential & commercial buildings. As a teacher, designer and builder she combines practicality and artfulness in equal measures, with a healthy dose of humour and spirit too!

She is one of the founding directors of the Endeavour Centre and will be part of the education team for the 5-month sustainable building intensive at Endeavour where she will help pass on her skills to new and experienced builders.

An artist at heart, she works hard to build healthy, efficient, beautiful buildings that will inspire people through thoughtful design and artfulness.

Jen loves dirt, good building details, spontaneous building projects, chocolate and fine Quebec beers!

Kris Bailey


Principal, Dwellings Custom Homes

Dwellings is a company that builds houses using craft, integrity, good tools and our wits. Over the past six years we have had the opportunity to work on an amazing variety of projects that have served to deepen our carpentry and timber framing experience and also explore the world of natural building. The synthesis of craft, sustainability, durability, good design and the use of modern systems are what we bring together to create a house that is efficient and timeless.

We are heritage trained carpenters (by way of the Heritage Carpentry program at Algonquin College) and bring a love of architecture, sensible design, quality materials and good workmanship to every project. We work out of the Perth, Ontario area and try to stay close to home for larger scale projects such as whole houses. In a given year, we will generally work on two large scale projects (houses or additions) and a wide range of smaller scale jobs, such as timber frame entryways, pergolas, sheds, outbuildings, staircases etc.

Claire Beach


Claire is an Architectural Designer and owner of 'Intrinsic Design Studio'. She is also a certified Nature & Forest Therapy Guide. Time in nature has always been her inspiration and motivation for designing beautiful, sustainable spaces that live in harmony with nature. Her thirst for knowledge and adventure has taken her from West Africa designing & building Adobe homes with Habitat for Humanity to Central America for a Strawbale project, to Yellowknife where she worked across northern Canada. Now back home in Ontario she is working on heritage restoration & addition projects as well as building a hempcrete cabin.

When she's not drafting or guiding walks in the woods, Claire is playing with her kids, paddling with husband Tim or digging in the garden.

Winter Harbinson


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