Home Energetic Balancing - 1 DAY WORKSHOP

  • 24 Mar 2013
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • SOMA EARTH @ 1 Hesperus Rd, Hesperus Village, Thornhill, Ontario (Behind the Toronto Waldorf School, northeast of Hwy 7 & Bathurst)

Learn about how you can learn simple methods to keep the energy clear in your home.  A cluttered home is often a reflection of a cluttered mind.  And there is so much more to understand in how to keep your spaces clear to attract more abundance, joy and health into your life! 

Home Energetic Balancing


Sunday March 24

9 am - 5 pm

1 Hesperus Rd, Hesperus Village, Thornhill, Ontario (Behind the Toronto Waldorf School, northeast of Hwy 7 & Bathurst)

Come to be inspired and open up your mind to the wonderful world of unseen energies that surround us on a daily basis, whether you know it or not!  

We will cover many new concepts in this short 1 hour talk such as; 

·         a very brief overview of various North American dowsing & feng shui systems  

·         how ancient sacred buildings were oriented with the planets & stars

·         learn about current, highly sophisticated vibrational pendulum tools

·         understand terms like frequency, resonance, vibration, beneficial & detrimental energies

·         what is geopathic energy and what are Hartman & Curry earth energy lines

·         the art of various visioning practices to work with Nature’s energies such as fairies & devas

·         discover how EMF fields and more can seriously affect our health

·         the main emphasis of the workshop will be to explore some simple tools, rituals and ceremonies to clear your home, office or land

There will be some experiential demonstration as well as time afterwards for questions. The book HOME ENERGETIC BALANCING will be available for sale as well.


This SEMINAR is given by Ingrid Cryns, BES, B Arch, OAA, CBT, Principal  and Founding Director of soma earth (2000).  soma earth is a holistic company which includes a broad scope of services and products that supports the building of  relationships between body, mind, soul and the built environment.  soma earth ARCHITECT (2006), soma earth TEACHINGS (2012) & soma earth BUILDING (2012) are all part of the soma earth organization.  


Ingrid has over 20 years of experience running and managing a variety of complex projects from small houses, renovations, additions and multi-residential housing to large (up to $12ML) community centres, museums, performing arts centres and commercial projects. With a unique specialty in straw bale and straw clay, natural building systems, Ingrid has been the Project Architect of six straw bale buildings in Ontario and is the Vice President of the Ontario Straw Bale Building Coalition (since 2009). Author of 3 books, SELF-SUFFICIENT LIVING, PROPERTY SELECTION & HOME ENERGETIC BALANCING, Ingrid is also a highly sensitive, intuitive empath and can read and sense body, building & earth energies. 


Ingrid has moved out of the city to the country, an hour northeast of Toronto, over 2 1/2 years ago, and has started to live self-sufficiently due to her passion to be more connected with Nature as well as her own chemical and food sensitivities.  Ingrid has built her own small straw & clay studio office space, chicken coop, mini-cold cellar and organic garden on her property.

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