A Straw Bale workshop with Tom Rijven

  • 27 May 2013
  • 16 Jun 2013
  • The Fifth Wind in Cold Springs, Ontario (North of Cobourg)

Interested in a Straw Bale workshop?

Tom Rijven, Master Builder extraordinaire, is here for a rare visit from France to teach his unique hexagonal compressed straw bale method – called the C.U.T. method (pre-fab wooden elements). The straw bale is used as a hybrid structural element and not just as an incredible insulation material (~R30!). This special system allows us to minimize the wood structure and lower the costs of the building. It also creates an easier and simple system to flexibly create angled or curved walls or roofs.

Tom is a wonderful human being and fabulous instructor, deeply passionate about his work and building with straw bales. Come and learn as well as have great fun building a hexagonal structure from foundation to plastering.

Workshop starting Monday May 27 to Sunday June 16 for up to three weeks. Includes presentations from Architect, Ingrid Cryns, of soma earth on the history of straw bale & current Ontario straw bale construction practices.

Accommodations may be available at Henry’s farm in Cobourg.

Cost is only $300 for three weeks. Less time or Weekends is negotiable.

Contact Henry Wiersma at Fifth Wind (near Cobourg) for Details

905 342 3666


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