Eco Conscious Living: Create Your Own Personal Transition Plan!

  • 24 Oct 2015
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Zephyr, Ontario

Eco Conscious Living

Create Your Own Personal Transition Plan! 

Sat Oct 24, 2015   9 am – 5 pm
Zephyr, Ontario
$175 At the Door
$150 After Sept 30, 2015
$125 Early Bird Special until Sept 30, 2014


Sat Oct 24, 2015   9 am – 5 pm

Zephyr, Ontario

$175 At the Door

$150 After Sept 30, 2015

$125 Early Bird Special until Sept 30, 2015 

You will learn the essential principles to understand how to live and build with deep ecology awareness.   From micro to macro systems, carbon foot prints, simple living and living small, you will gain knowledge of the how, what and why we need to make a personal commitment to living lightly and with a deeper respect for what the Earth truly needs to regain her balance.

What you will Learn?

   - Deep Ecology Consciousness & Commitment (Includes Embodied Energy & Carbon Footprint Awareness)

   - Personal & Community Eco System Awareness (Individual Connection to Micro systems vs Macro Systems Environmental Impact)

   - Simple Living, Small Houses: Reorganizing expectations – what do you really need? Organization priorities, attachments vs clutter (clearing), phasing transition strategies

   - Experiential Practice: Create Your Own Personal Transition Plan & experience Group Awareness Raising


Why learn this?  

Our world is changing faster than we can truly adjust our lifestyles to.  We need to understand how to change, why and the most efficient direction to shift our home and the way we live as quickly as possible. Learn from the expertise of an Eco-Architect who has been practicing this journey herself to re-claim a way of living that is in a healthier balance with the Earth.  You will learn from her years of experience to shift, transition and start a self-sufficient, homesteading life and how to renovate or build with practices that offer a greater eco-integrity.


The soma earth Natural Building Design courses are all designed to accommodate whether you live in the city, country or suburbs, or are planning a shift from one to the other.  They also are adaptable to new or retrofit building choices.


Offered by Eco-Architect, Ingrid Cryns, these teachings encompass the deep Earth Wisdom that Ingrid has cultivated in bridging the worlds of Natural Building with Earth Soul Healing.  The first in a series of 7 areas of knowledge, this workshop is offered as an Introduction to the general principles of Natural Living Building and is also an introduction to the soma earth or earth soul Mentorship Programs.

 The earth soul work teaches how to raise your awareness, heal your blocks, be more self-sufficient in the healing of your body, mind & soul, as well as how to live more self-sufficiently with your home, property, food and lifestyle. You will learn new skills and tips of how to be more resilient, balanced and peaceful with your inner self as well as how to care for your home, family and self with your outer environment in more effective and efficient ways that are in greater harmony with the Earth’s changes!

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