The Ontario Natural Building Coalition Mission

● We believe that all housing should be healthy, sustainable, inspiring and resilient.

● We promote the use of natural, non-toxic materials that can dramatically reduce our carbon footprint while achieving high levels of energy efficiency.

● We support our community of building professionals and homeowners in the positive transformation of our built environment.

● We foster the exchange of ideas, innovation, resources, and social opportunities across Ontario.

What is the Ontario Natural Building Coalition (ONBC)?

The ONBC is an advocacy group of designers, builders & homeowners working to promote healthy, high performance natural building strategies in the construction industry.

The Ontario Natural Building Coalition (ONBC) was formed to serve several purposes:

  1. To provide information for people with an interest in building and/or owning a naturally built home. These services include general information, facilitating training courses, and providing testing data for building designers and building inspectors.
  2. To initiate and support efforts to further the base of knowledge about natural building, including studies and tests leading to the building code acceptance of natural building techniques.
  3. To foster a community of builders and owners involved in natural building to promote the exchange of ideas, resources, and social opportunities.
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